Sunday, June 12, 2005

Undermined again!

I started this blog thinking from time to time I could post some simple links that would show what a silly country Canada is; and it is, but it seems often in ways that require a lot of education.
But I keep finding myself able to post far more economically in behaviour from other countries that is manifestly more silly. And here is a true wonder.
Last week I read the following fascinating post on Dawson's Danube- "Tatort", one of my favourite German Krimis (crime shows), had broadcast on ARD an episode titled 'Scheherezade', the plot of which built on the idea of showing Bush (or the Carlyle group, which Michael Moore adherents understand to be the same thing) to be behind 9/11 and to be shipping hit squads to Germany to eliminate the ever-so-clear evidence for this thesis. (Recall that several of the 9/11 killers spent formative time in Germany, making this even more bizarre, in terms of who is blaming whom). You can find much more here on David's Medienkritik.
Now I am a subscriber in Canada to 'German TV', largely because it means I can practice my German listening skills, but also watch normally quite enjoyable shows - several of the Krimis are very entertaining to me. (Of course I can also watch highlights like the Eurovision Song Contest.)
So last week when I read this I became very excited and consulted the German TV online listings - to my delight, per the listings last week, the episode in question was to appear tonight (June 12) in North America (also last night but I could not check as I was not near the TV). I just checked the current listings for tonight and it is now gone! I will know in about half an hour whether this is a clerical error or a cowardly retreat.
Personally, I thought originally the uproar was a bit much, as the show is fiction; were I ARD, feeling no guilt, that would be my response.
AND the answer is:
The episode originally slated for next weekend (we run normally a week behind what is in Germany) is on and not 'Scheherezade'. In summary, the German state media appear to lack the courage to show to the Americans (and us Canadians too) what they happily, and demagogically, show to their home audiences.


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