Sunday, September 25, 2005

Update on the Swans - and late Bird-Blogging

In a previous post I discussed the annual delight (as well as the heartbreaks) of watching a swan family nesting and growing on the waterfront near our home. This year's rearing seems to have been pretty successful as we recently saw a group of five swans, down from the original seven, but better than the year where four cygnets dropped to one in two days.
This morning I found nine swans swimming together. Now I know there was another family nesting closer to downtown. Perhaps they have assembled, as do many birds at this time of year, with thoughts of heading somewhere warmer for a few months.
I had a camera at hand - the exposures are off as I had to act too fast and I did not manage to zoom all nine into this picture. (The structure in the background is the Ashbridge's Bay Water Filtration Plant.)


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