Thursday, October 27, 2005


I am delighted (and it is consistent with my earlier post):

a) to have 'Overnight' back on my radio. The CBC replays news reports from other public radio networks to fill the hours during the night. I must say I never understood why this show vanished during the CBC lockout - it seems to me it should have been easy to produce; surely even managers could do it. Perhaps there is some deal among the various unions?

b) to have Don Newman back. He stands so far above the standard mediocrity that the CBC offers. Mischievous, funny, bright, probing, engaging - he has the great skill of being able to get along with all the various political party shills, while he still punctures their silliness. What is troubling is that I see nobody likely to replace him when he decides to retire. He is special.

On the other hand I miss the managers who replaced Andy Barrie's show. They were excellent and he remains Andy Barrie.


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