Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Not yet the Six-Million Dollar Man - so far all I have is a plastic lens in my right eye replacing the natural protein one that had been rapidly becoming useless. Tomorrow I will know whether it works.

Cataract surgery as done where I experienced it is interesting. One passes through several stages at the hospital, undergoing various transformations and experiences. One of the risks this hospital runs is that outgoing and incoming queues cross paths. I must say this worked well for me - as I was undergoing final preparation on the way in, one of the patients who had just been operated on appeared to undergo some parallel testing on his way out. He was SO upbeat that an enormous amount of my nervousness evaporated. I am inferring that this protocol is in place for a reason and I am thankful.

The actual operation, experienced while you are conscious, with the eye to be assaulted under local anaesthetic was very odd. What I recall experiencing was an explosion of interesting colours in the eye, occasional senses of water being flushed through the eye, more colours, weird sounds, more colours, and an oddly-shaped hole through the colours. Whatever mood-altering anaesthetic was applied was quite successful (even more so on the man after me, who came out singing the Italian National Anthem).

Tomorrow morning I get to remove the patch. The bottom line is what happens then. So far no major discomfort.

I feel I was treated with ultimate professionalism and am grateful to the whole team at the hospital who contributed to the operation.

UPDATE: The eye patch is off and all seems well.


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