Monday, November 14, 2005

A Totally Ludicrous Idea

TVO has been holding through the fall, led by the ever-effervescent Irshad Manji, what seemed to me a completely silly idea - a contest to name the best University lecturer in Ontario. The playoffs were good to watch - I learned a lot from several entertaining Ontario university lecturers. I doubt they were the best of the bunch but the ones I saw were all pretty good.
The overall winner was Arne Kislenko at Ryerson - an interesting guy, whose winning lecture was engaging but not amazing to me (as a lecturer - he is an OK performer).
In the end I rather liked this outcome; I had rather hoped the end of this would be the victory of something that was not just show; his lecture was not just show. At the end it is easy to understand how differently Russia saw the Second World War from how we did in North America.


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