Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why is Studio 2 so Good?

I do not believe that the public sector is guaranteed to produce better news broadcasting or worse. I have at least the current experience of the CBC and BBC to make me feel disappointed and start out expecting rather little.

But I remain an utter fan of TV Ontario (largely funded, I assume, by the Ontario government, though I also know it gets funding from me, given voluntarily, that I consider pretty significant).

And from my point of view, the finest public affairs television we get in the province is 'Studio 2', hosted by the utterly excellent Steve Paikin and Paula Todd.

Tonight we had superb public policy discussions from ministers of several previous governments as well as the current government (and it was even more fun because the current minister is the son of a squash opponent of mine). Now why do I NEVER see anything this good from the CBC?

I'll bet the CBC has a more generous budget. What is the difference?


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