Saturday, December 03, 2005

There is sure some interesting circuitry somewhere in me

My right eye is accustoming itself to its new bionic lens. I am still wearing glasses that allow reasonable focusing through the left lens, but make the image through the right lens completely fuzzy. When I take the glasses off the right eye takes the world in much better.

And my brain (or something) knows! In fact this cataract got initially diagnosed only because I was getting the funny feeling that my irght eye was being 'ignored'. So my science experiment these days is to remove my glasses every now and then. It is almost completely immediate which eye I sense is being 'ignored'.

There are other interesting complexities in this. When I came home from the surgery with an eyepatch on I found my attempts to measure distance from objects pretty vulnerable - I had to reach tentatively, for example, for door handles. I am surprised to discover that even with very unbalanced vision between the eyes, having both functional makes the sorting out of distance pretty solid.


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