Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I think justice was done, though it took a bad mistake on the Portuguese side to make it so easy.

This was no match for yesterday's match, but it was well worth watching. I am totally impressed with Christiano Ronaldo.

And I have no words for Zidane in this year's World Cup. When we were in Paris there was a movie in all the cinemas on the subject of Zidane, and I kick myself slightly for not having seen it. No doubt it will show up soon enough on TV here, but it would have been a nice thing to take way from our Paris visit.

I am conflicted about the final, as I will bet my sister is. Both teams have played very entertaining football in the elimination rounds. Italy is not the tedious Italy of the past! What I most hope for is a good match not determined by some silly arbitrary call.


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