Monday, August 28, 2006

DeLong and Dillow - this is why I love the Internet (for the 'attitude')

Recently one of my readers went out of his/her way to make a comment to the effect that an economist I quoted did some analysis "rather that(sic) simply adopting an attitude". This startled me - among the analysts whose blogs I read, economists seem the least likely to simply post an attitude. No doubt I will find out one day what was meant. I have some biologists whose blogs I read and when they speak out on economics I have yet to see other than an attitude.
Two of the economists I most like reading show attitudes all the time, Brad DeLong recently tackled some of Marx again. He displays attitude all the time, in posts labelled, "Why oh why ...?".
Chris Dillow responded to this post but tends not to use the titles of his posts for display. Chris has a slightly different way of showing attitude - for example, in his post, laying a charge at the end about Smith vs. Marx that can only be justified by seeing more of DeLong's views.
I am not sure what my comentor's problem about attitude is. But I can only say that this exchange, from two guys, both on the left end of the economics spectrum to a degree, is one of the reasons I want more attitude. Not fantasy. And the Net really delivers this.


At 12:10 PM, Blogger Martin said...

Oooo ouch. But what has Biology to do with it?

For the most part, Economics is the discipline developed to tell people why we cannot do what we must do to improve the world. But Amartya Sen is a good exception.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Actually, its main role, and a good one, has been to expose what bad ideas most of the ones proposed for improving the world are. This may just be another way of saying what you said.


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