Monday, September 25, 2006

Paikin's New Show

I was disappointed to see TV Ontario's Studio 2 show disappear this summer.
I am now seeing its replacement - "The Agenda with Steve Paikin". Paikin is unquestionably one of the finest journalists I have seen at work.
But what a challenge for my first viewing! - an interview with Conrad Black. And it is utterly the delight one would expect from these two - a little sparring, and two sharp minds trying to educate us and entertain us. Black has a great line saying his great affection for the US is largely unabated by the outrageous persecution he is suffering in the US courts.
In any case, 10 minutes into my first watching of the show, I look forward to visiting it often! Paikin has lost nothing. And picking Black - well, pretty sharp! Moreover, Black sort of endorses Stephane Dion for Liberal leader! (Dion is one of what I consider to be many good leadership candidates the party has.)
And Paikin gets to run another debating panel! And I will say, it is fun having Eric Margolis back!
So this show is likely to be fine.


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