Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Significant Compensation

Friday I was spending some time reconciling with a relative, and things were going nicely. Finally, of course, the Israel-Hizbollah war came up and the rant about the excesses of those awful Israelis escalated. My faithful readers will know this would have caused me to make the mistake of responding. And in the obvious ways - maybe the side that apologizes for civilian casualties, and feels embarrassed, and tries to avoid them, etc, has moral advantages over the side that is determined to produce civilian casualties, both in Israel and Lebanon. I even went so far as to say that I have an instinctive response against the side that clearly believes in the motto "Viva la Muerte". And there is no question who they are.
Well, my interlocutor packed up and walked away. Sad to my mind. I was depressed. This was not where I wanted to be.
But I did get a bit of feedback that mattered. As I looked around after this fiasco, a woman seated at the next table commented quietly, "I am Jewish". I guess I am not the only person who eavesdrops. And yes, in the end, I think she was right to do it, though I was initially startled. Her view in the end, sadly, did really matter. I thank her so much for being there.


At 6:25 PM, Blogger Martin said...

Your blog is fairly disjointed here but I think you may be saying that it is best to avoid killing civilians in a war. I expect your alienated relative agrees with that too. So what was the difference in opinion?

In the past we have discussed this and you have suggested that if you catch a bad guy then it is all right to kill some innocents in so doing. I took exception to this and you began calling me names and even misrepresenting other bloggers---Ward Churchill---on this. But it seems you may now cede that we should avoid killing innocent civilians. In that regard, Hizbollah did much better that the Israelis---though I dont think it matters. There neednt have been any war had the Israelis merely responded the way they normally do: negotiate for the return of the captured soldiers. This happens all the time and will be happening again. Why did the Israelis decide to run amok and kill civilians, even UN observers? Because they are being goaded into acting by the US. This is certainly what some of the leaked reports would suggest.

I think it also interesting that you call it the Israel-Hizbollah war. It was Lebanon, not Hizbollah that was bombed; it is the Lebanese, not Hizbollah that died. SO the other war in Gaza, where Israelis have killled a pile of other civilians...is it the Israel-Hamas war? Both Hamas and Hizbollah were created by Israels unrelenting attitude towards their neighbours. Both are now democratically elected groups with political legitimacy. Of course the US and Israel only support democracies if they elect the people they like so Hamas and Hizbollah must be crushed. But this seems only to strengthen them. Time to negotiate.

In fact the whole mess could be solved if Israel would simply respect the pre-67 borders.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Huh? Where did all this come from?

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Ahh - I see - your view is there is no Lebanon not under Hizbollah. Got it. OK. I hope you are wrong. Time will tell.

At 6:49 PM, Blogger Martin said...

"all this" is too vague for me to know how to help you. But I said nothing related to your last comment; there are too many negatives in your comment to allow me to interpret it.

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

You usually say nothing related to either my posts or comments.

At 8:05 PM, Blogger rondi said...

Martin, You call Ward Churchill a blogger. Does he have a blog? If so, where is the link? I'd like to see it.


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