Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well, that was fun!

I went to see a preview of Stephan Cloutier's "Apocalypse a Kamloops" this evening and must say it was a very enjoyable experience. The play was full of surprises, and had some great moments; I think my favourite has a father explaining to his son that he had hoped for six children, with the hope of having one of them at least to be proud of in the end, but that he had had only two and while he loved them, he was not really proud of them. The whole scene was a delight.
As always, Guy Mignault played a key role in the evening, from greeting the audience at the door, and reciting the list of sponsors as ever, to playing the father with great humour and affection. Pierre Simpson stood out as the prodigal son being dragged home to make up with his father and sister.
Go see it! Don't worry if your French is no good - they have English surtitles for several of the shows to come!


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