Monday, March 05, 2007

Try to Remember

I have never seen 'The Fantasticks' and must find some local production some day soon.
But when I was a teenie I fell utterly in love with the song 'Try to Remember'. I must have been old before my time. It is such a much better song now.

Scott Johnson has introduced his daughter to this great song (great show!) and documented it on PowerLine. Even better, he has found on YouTube Jerry Orbach singing that lovely song. (Lennie Briscoe of "Law and Order", who left us so prematurely.)

"Deep in December it's nice to remember
Although you know the snow will follow
Deep in December it's nice to remember
Without a hurt the heart is hollow
Deep in December it's nice to remember
The fire of September that made us mellow,
Deep in December our hearts should remember and follow"

OK I never figured out what that "and follow" means. But the rest is great.

Well, I hope I am not in the deep of December, and I hope Jerry Orbach did not think he was either. And if you wonder, my heart is not hollow, nor is that of many of my loved ones, and my heart remembers.

One of the utterly stunning things about the great technologies we have created is that while Jerry Orbach can no longer enjoy us enjoying him, we can continue to enjoy his performances.


At 4:21 PM, Blogger rondi said...

I have the CD of the original Broadway cast, including Orbach. I think the "and follow" is just echoing the line about the snow following the good weather.
(I also have the Promises, Promises original cast recording, with Orbach.)


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