Friday, June 29, 2007

Am I Bovvered?

GrrlScientist continues to amaze me; with my jet-lagged sleeping patterns I find I have hours to fill, and she has directed me into an apparently bottomless pool of great humour. (How to follow my path - enjoy the mildly amusing Hillary video, but follow the link in the third comment that mentions Tony Blair, and find yourself in the amazing world of Catherine Tate).

How can I have spent so much time in England (and watching TV) over the last many years and never have encountered Catherine Tate's Lauren?

I started here, and it makes it clear Blair has career options. As skeptical as I am about his current assignment, he is the best person for that job, but I can see him acting, too!

"Are you disrespecting me?" is such a lovely moment in this wacko performance.

She captures utterly brilliantly the deep concern about respect that does come from all the inequalities life creates. She has played brilliantly in many of the YouTube videos with the teacher-student inequality, and also rank (see both above).

You have to have watched a few of her sessions to enjoy "Je ne suis pas bovvered?" and her following questions in the French Oral sequence.

This is not Lauren but it is also brilliant. I especially loved "As I look quite a lot like her ..." and her treatment of the stuffed bear at the end.


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