Monday, June 11, 2007

Soulpepper's Our Town, Part II

Part I is here.
My wife missed it so I forced her to come see it while I saw it again. We sat in the balcony; in my previous experience we sat slightly below the stage. It made a big difference. The lighting was far more effective from above. Interesting - maybe I have to buy several nights of tickets in different seats to future shows.
But mostly things were as they were. I was no less tearful in Act 3. Martha McIsaac delivers that key line (something like "I can't see you hard enough!") just perfectly, and it explains the terrible break as she decides she must return to her grave quietly.
Albert Schultz seemed a lot more relaxed as well in the odd role he has as stage manager, responding to what is going on in the audience.
Still, an utterly great show.
I won't likely go back soon. Well, maybe unless they re-mount it next year.


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