Saturday, July 28, 2007

More on the (non?)-Value of Blogging

I am vain enough to regularly check my sitemeter to see how the few people who find it and are not just my family and close friends get here.

So I was wandering about and found a search from the Ukraine. "Victoria Gydov wedding".

I remembered her name. She was a great performer in a performance at Western of "Ruddigore". This sentence I wrote in an earlier post,
London is so lucky that Victoria Gydov has moved there - she was wonderful, pretty good diction (very rare in roles like this), great singing accuracy. She played Rose Maybud.

sat for a while featured on her webpage, now replaced by links to the more conventional London Free Press (no free link to be provided by me).

In case you wonder, she did not invite me to her wedding.

I am unsure whether a London Free Press artistic review is better than one from me personally. But I would guess she and her agent can figure this out.

It was an utter thrill to be cited by her for a while on her webpage, and I assure anyone I will go out of my way to see her perform again!


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