Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The UK Attempts and Root Causes

I will link initially to Richard Landes on the UK bombing attempts. These are not nice people. I remain stunned at the apologetics people send me in defence of such monsters. This is Hitchens, quoted by Landes:
Only at the tail end of the coverage was it admitted that a car bomb might have been parked outside a club in Piccadilly because it was “ladies night” and that this explosion might have been designed to lure people into to the street, the better to be burned and shredded by the succeeding explosion from the second car-borne cargo of gasoline and nails.

Of course this is exactly the tactic used by the 'insurgents' that commenters I have wish to defend.
In a similar vein we have Michael Yon's shocking trip as reported a couple of days ago:
The village was abandoned. All the people were gone. But where?

Follow the link and read it if you can. It is not pleasant.
In a way it all relates to a very sensible post from Oliver Kamm recently. He cites Matthew d'Ancona to this effect:
We have heard so often, and will continue to hear, that the Iraq war and Blair's alliance with George W Bush were a recruiting sergeant for al Qaeda and its affiliates in this country. That may be true, but only in the sense that everything is a recruiting sergeant for this cause: the removal of the Taliban, the existence of the state of Israel, the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the end of the Muslim caliphate in 1924, the way women dress in the West. One of the conversations bugged in Operation Crevice that led to life sentences for five terrorists in April included a chilling discussion about bombing a London nightclub. "Now no one can even turn around and say 'Oh they were innocent'," said Jawad Akbar, "those slags dancing around."

One of my commenters once asserted confidently to me that Osama bin Laden was only concerned about Western occupation; but the issue here is the same - bin Laden spoke immediately after 9/11 of the tragedy of Andalusia - so where does this notion of occupation stop? How far do our appeasers wish to appease?


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