Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rufus Wainwright Live

Faithful readers will know I decided to attend a Rufus Wainwright concert, after seeing a YouTube video of his performing one of his own songs. I thought there could be quite a show.
I should have known there was trouble as I queued to pick up my tickets and found myself surrounded by people like me! We old McGarrigle fans (and everyone I chatted with was one) would hardly inspire him and his backup singers to come out in witches' costumes and sing wicked songs.
And in fact he did not do what I hoped. Before the intermission he sang a bunch of songs. They were OK.
After the intermission he did do a version of 'Get Happy' wearing fishnet stockings, but I have to confess this left me rather flat, where a witch's hat and cape would perhaps have got me more entertained, especially with a better song.
In the end, I suspect the problem is that the YouTube video I saw was taped in San Francisco, and I have the relative misfortune to live and see his performances in Toronto. Well, performance - it will not be an issue again.
Now maybe if the McGarrigles came to perform!


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