Friday, November 09, 2007

Arrested by Kellie Pickler

Where I was last week (more quiz questions on that to come) the TV offered about 75 channels so in my slightly ADHD state I was flicking constantly looking for Law and Order episodes (no matter how many times I had previously seen the episode).

At one point one evening I was stumbled into the middle of this performance and got almost as weepy as the performer. It was superb. In later passses through the Country Music Awards, nothing stopped me in my relentless hope for the lost Law and Order episodes. A measure of how much I liked it is that I tracked down what the performance was, though the part I saw gave almost no hint. About all I knew was that the performer was named "Kellie" (from a subtitle tossed up on the screen) and that she was saying something about Carolina.

A simple Google search told me a lot about her and explained why I had not really known about her; I don't watch the Idol shows, and have not put enough country music time on my car radio in the last couple of years.

Give the video a watch and a fair listen. Buy her CD.

UPDATE: Only after a little more research did I realize she was singing to her mother. Kills me even more.


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