Thursday, November 29, 2007

What, they have Tuners? CBC Radio discovery revealed!

My drive home today was accompanied by a flash news announcement from the folks on CBC radio, who seemed quite pleased with themselves for having found out a fact so subversive that it was going to shake up the world locally.

It turns out that if you attach an antenna to your High Definition Television, you can get a High Definition picture and sound even without being connected to a cable or satellite system! They were stunned, and expected us listeners to be, as well.

This news was so shocking to them that they did not quite get the story right. One reporter explained to us that we had to make sure our set was "HD-Ready". Well, that is not it at all. "HD-Ready" means the device you have can display an HD picture etc, but it may not have a tuner. What you really need is an HDTV - it will have a tuner that can receive over the airwaves signals.

There was also amazement that local television stations were already broadcasting High Definition signals! Of course this has been going on for ages.

They also pointed out that a network called CBC Television is broadcasting High Definition signals.

How can there be so much ignorance concentrated in one place? CBC hiring policies, I guess.



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