Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Taxes Pay for This Too!

A Victoria listener challenges Catherine today on Here's to You over
her suggestion that Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is beyond the playing
ability of a high school student. That leads to a request for Weber's
Concertino in E flat. Also, a perennial favourite: Vaughan Williams'
"The Lark Ascending." Catherine also responds to a Montrealer who's
begging for sweetness and light, by playing Frank Crumit's novelty song
"Abdul Abulbul Amir". All that plus Organ Thursday and more, on Here's
to You, with Catherine Belyea, this morning at 9 (9:30 NT) on CBC Radio

I am even more wordless, and I love Mozart's music. I also played the clarinet in high school. I will not reveal whether I could play the concerto in question. I sure liked listening to it.


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