Monday, February 11, 2008

Boil All the Hope out of Him

It is so much fun watching Barack Obama speak.. Generally the speeches have no content, but they have no less that those of Hillary Clinton, whose delivery is painfully leaden, and suggests a sense of entitlement, the notion that you MUST take her seriously. Obama entertains.

The subject line is one of his retorts to the claim that he has not spent enough time in Washington, and he is ironically suggesting that the consequence of that time would be negative.

Meanwhile also let me speak about McCain - I did not like his behavior in the California Reagan Library debate but there are things I do like. He campaigned in Iowa and was publicly opposed to corn subsidies. He campaigned in Florida and was against the rest of the country carrying the risk in catastrophe insurance for Floridians. He sticks to his immigration position. He worked with Feingold to produce some legislation. No doubt he is capable of sleaze too but these positions are worthy of note.


At 4:42 AM, Blogger Allan said...

Like every politician
Barak Obama reads speeches
written for him by others.

Like the nightly 'news-anchors'
he usually reads them from a teleprompter.

When at a recent event he had to rely on 3 by 5 cards
he was much less impressive
especially when he wandered from the prepared text
to make some extemporaneous remarks.


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