Thursday, May 15, 2008

Naomi Klein - why bother?

When Naomi Klein's last book was released (I do not plan to link to it) the CBC, naturally, scheduled some major interviews with her. I love interviews with Naomi Klein, especially on TV - she is very cute, and always generates major giggles. Her content is so ridiculous one barely need pay close attention.

Johnann Norberg has put in a lot of the effort I would argue should not be wasted on a trifle like Klein (except for the large number of idiots who take her seriously). But now that it is spent we should enjoy it.He documnets with dreadful clarity how ridiculous her claims are. I have posted before on this book, as I was offended at what she tried to make of Milton Friedman. Norberg goes deeper.

The saddest thing he says is this:

Astonishingly, in a book of more than 500
pages, Klein offers almost no argument to the
person who isn’t already convinced that free
markets are bad.

Saddest, because anyone who knows anything about the jokes that are Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis, know there is nothing astonishing here. They preach to a choir. I have never heard either really advance an argument. Completely unlike the Milton Friedman she defames in her book.

Enjoy Norberg - he demolishes her utter nonsense step by step.

I think personally it is a waste of time to do this but am glad someone wasted the time.


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