Saturday, June 07, 2008

Don Gardner nails it

In a light and amusing column in the Ottawa Citizen, Don Gardner documents his envy, the result that nobody has filed any human rights complaints related to his book:

Mark Steyn is bigger than Jesus. And for that he can thank a handful of Muslims.

Or more precisely, he can thank a handful of Muslim goofballs who can't quite grasp that trying to censor an author who claims Muslims in western countries aren't embracing western traditions of individual liberty is perhaps not the most effective rebuttal of the author's thesis.


Thanks to those Muslim goofballs, Mark Steyn is getting only slightly less media attention than Britney Spears the morning after she forgot to wear knickers to the nightclub. It's an orgy of publicity, every author's filthy little dream, and each new story is another bunny taking her top off at the Playboy mansion.

And don't think Mark Steyn doesn't know the value of a good controversy.


The handful of Muslim goofballs now hard at work promoting Mark Steyn's book could simply have written a rebuttal and passed it around sympathetic websites, perhaps, or sought to publish it in one of the many liberal media outlets that would have welcomed a short, sharp, shot at a notorious conservative pundit.

It wouldn't be hard to write. Steyn's whole thesis rests on demographics and the demographers I've spoken to say he's got the demographics all wrong.

His fundamental thesis is spot on. Purely as a result of the activity of Elmasry and the sock puppets, I am now a subscriber to Maclean's (and enjoying it - I shall sortly cancel my one remaining newspaper subscription), and have ordered an autographed (!) copy of "America Alone", which always sounded to me like a rather silly book. I will bet I am not alone!



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