Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Olympics and Race

Those of West African descent won all the 100 metre medals for men and women.

Even more amusing was to watch the 10,000 meters, East Africans everywhere, and NOBODY else.

Yeah, Race is not a concept of any value. :-) But it sure shows up here where purely objective results rule! I once had a bit of an e-mail dustup with a sibling who is a biologist - he said there is no 'race' only 'descent', and so I gave up as it seemed to me he was on some other agenda - descent IS race.

I am pretty sure I never had a hope, with the genetic background I have (Nordic-Irish, and likely the Irish is pretty Nordic - those Vikings!), of ever being competitive in either the 100 metres or the 10,000 metres.

Each Olympics gets Steve Sailer (and Steve Seiler) going, and rightly - go read these interesting pieces.


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