Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Silly Province in a Silly Country

Michael Arrington's summary is a bit unfair to the stupid laws in this province, but the laws are clearly stupid.
In Ontario one can help arrange car-pooling only with the following witless constraints:

The only way you can ride with someone is if you meet ALL of the following extremely impractical set of specific criteria:

* You must travel from home to work only – (Not Home to School, or Home to the Hospital or the Airport)
* You cannot cross municipal boundaries – (Live outside the city and drive in – sorry you cannot share the ride with your neighbour)
* You must ride with the same driver each day – (Want to mix it up go with one person one day and another person another day – no sorry cannot do that – must be same person each day)
* You must pay the driver no more frequently than weekly – (Neighbour drives you to work better not pay her right away just in case she drives you later on in the week)

Meanwhile, as Arrington points out, our idiotic government makes traffic lanes unavailable by designating them for high occupancy.


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