Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yup, It's the Concession Speech!

Dan Drezner, like me, is looking forward to a gracious concession speech.

It fits with both campaigns. For McCain, it would be his chance to do the honorable thing — and help to improve his media image. For Obama, it would be consistent with his message of reaching across party lines.

I like the ritual of concession speech, and this year it will be more important than ever. If Obama wins, there will be a lot of angry GOPers upset over a liberal Democrat winning office; Obama will be lucky to have McCain’s imprimatur.

If McCain wins, the collective shock from the media and the Obama faithful will be enormous — so big that only a good concession larded with lots of grace and promises that the election actually was free and fair.

I agree with Drezner that the campaign has been a disappointment as compared to the primaries.


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