Saturday, December 27, 2008

And some Canadians support these Guys?

Ophelia notes one project of the charmers called the Taliban, and follows with even more. I am particularly impressed by the commitment to civil society.

You have until January 15 to stop sending your girls to schools. If you do not pay any heed to this warning, we will kill such girls," one official quoted the commander as saying. "We also warn schools not to enrol any female students; otherwise, their buildings will be blown up

The militants have also prohibited immunisation for children against polio – claiming that the UN-sponsored vaccination drive is aimed at causing sexual impotence – causing a sharp rise in cases of the disease.

This is of course made much easier for them by restrictions put on their troops by many of the NATO nations. And it appears that a substantial part of Canada's "left" believe that we should simply pack up and leave the place to the Taliban. The abandonment of key principles of the left in history should be a sad embarrassment. Of course, the NDP will say they want to "negotiate" with the Taliban. What exactly do they think there is to negotiate? It would seem rather like negotiating with John Gotti. I deeply hope we do not end up with the appalling planned coalition.
I do hope Barack Obama carries out his promise to beef up the effort in Afghanistan.
As Ophelia says, Allah the merciful indeed.

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