Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Snappy Movie Reviews

Rondi has been busy and is sharing her efforts!

I agree with her 100% about Sophie Scholl, The Kite Runner, and Breach. All utterly fine movies. And also the thoroughly excellent and very sad Reservation Road, a true tour de force of acting - Joaquin Phoenix is just stunning, and Mark Ruffalo is what he always is, reliable.

But I utterly disagree about Breaking and Entering - it is true it has some of Minghella's usual portentousness, but it is no match for his standardly tedious efforts like the English Patient, or his ability to make even a Patricia Highsmith novel boring. The film actually has somewhat of a light touch and, quite unlike what Rondi says, every chance to be real. SillyWife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And this amazed me, as it featured Jude Law! (I also loved him in Music from Another Room, though it was the Tilly who stole that movie.)

I will never know whether The Love Guru is as bad as she says but I sure trust her on that one.

Mon Oncle has long been one of my favorites,


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