Monday, January 26, 2009

The James Blake Channel

As I am now calling ESPN and hence TSN.
In this case it means the Round of 16 match being broadcast is Blake-Tsonga, which is the one I wanted!
Apparently there is a new concept in tennis called 'transition'. This appears to be another name for getting the ball back in play. Apparently Tsonga believes in it, not so much Blake. Of course the players have different levels of belief for themselves and their opponents.
A couple of days ago all these broadcasters seemed to believe Andy Murray would win the tournament but he lost in this round to someone I have never heard of, so he is not mentioned anymore.
Tsonga takes the first set, and deserves it.
Is there a player more entertaining to watch than Tsonga, even including Nadal? Both are great showmen. Is there a clearer measure of this match than the fact that the only points Blake won in the last game were Tsonga's double-faults?
Tsonga now up two sets to zero.
ESPN finally mentions Andy Murray! Who is Verdasco? The Australian Open is truly great - it is, after all, where Amelie Mauresmo first appeared big-time.
Tsonga wins! No surprise.


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