Thursday, February 12, 2009

Encouragement for us Older Folk

Stump takes it in very many dog years and after a great recovery!

As Snyder watched Sommer circle the ring with his dog, she assumed he was showing another Sussex spaniel. That could not be old Stump, she reasoned. “I just didn’t think that he would get back in the ring, especially this far along,” she said. “Then, a couple of minutes later, I heard the announcer say his name was Stump and I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it.”

Four years ago, Stump nearly died after a bacterial infection raced through his body and entered his heart. After weeks in the intensive care unit, things got so bad Sommer considered euthanizing him. “Scott was just horrified,” Snyder recalled Wednesday. “But how Stump looked, and how depressed he was, he thought really hard about putting him to sleep that day.”

They agreed to wait another 24 hours before deciding. The rest of Stump’s life story now reads like a comeback tale that could rival any in the human sports world. Stump, now 10, recovered to make history as the oldest dog ever to win best in show at Westminster.

A little Grecian Formula 16 and maybe that could be me in a few months.


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