Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Am Exhausted

I tried to watch the whole speech.
But it is exhausting and annoying. Does he actually know the solutions to the real problems he describes? He thinks so. I have NO reason to believe him.
And it is horrifying to imagine all the bureaucrats who will be re-shaping the industries he thinks need re-shaping. He is right about the need, and almost surely wrong about the competence of those he will be giving the job to.
And I do agree that the tie in the US of health insurance to a job is pernicious, I am also convinced that whatever this government winds up prescribing will damage the US as a medical innovation center. We in the rest of the world will lose a giant subsidy we have basked in.
And for God's sake - "A cure for cancer in our time"? Utter windbaggery.
I love "long-term affordable health care". We get what we pay for. And we will get exactly that.
In the end, even if wonky me cannot keep my attention fixed, I have to admire this guy's chutzpah. He says he is going to push.
We shall see.
"We know that the most formative learning comes in those first years of life." Do we?
"New incentives for teacher performance"? I like that! I doubt he means it. And even if he does, I doubt he can get it past the teachers' unions who are one of his constituencies.
"Dropping out of high school is no longer an option. It's not just quitting on yourself, it's quitting on your country!" Disgusting. What level of intervention in my personal life does he consider reasonable? And omigod we get the sickening "what he can do for his country" with a Kennedy reference. This is truly sad.
Hmm he is now on about parents. Does he plan to do something to cut down the single mother epidemic? He mentions nothing.
This is truly one fine politician - a tapestry of contradictions can sound like sugar.
More humorously, he is now blathering on about the deficit and earmarks. It all sounds good and won't happen with Pelosi and Reid in charge.
Wow - he talks but I doubt he will walk - on education and agricultural subsidies, though the wording was tricky.
OK now it is getting silly. He talks 'accountability' and of course dodges his non-accountable behavior and simply points at putting the wars on the budget (which is the right thing to do). He leaves out anything else.
At the end he goes all Jimmy Stewart. Sweet but silly.


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