Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ottawa's Getting Ready and We're All Excited

That is too sad. That is a quote from Don Newman, a reporter I normally respect. But even he must clearly sign up for the CBC's Obama-week. I have time on my hands and I am certainly not going to Ottawa to see the windbag, and he won't even speak, I imagine!
Look - the guy is flying in for a shop-window short visit - nobody much will see him. He is endorsing policies at a good clip that are not friendly to Canada.
What is it with us?
In my childhood I saw a limousine presumably containing JFK drive through Ottawa. That was pretty exciting.
I don't think at that point that JFK had lined up behind quite so many policies hostile to Canadians.
UPDATE: AFAIK Obama is not even planning major windbaggery. I could be wrong but he will be pressed for time.


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