Sunday, April 19, 2009

Amazing Race

This is REALLY annoying; I am hungry. Better just deal with it having spent most of the day eating tomato sauce/ground beef mush plus spices (total yummm factor).
But now it is 8pm and there is no major golf or curling so I can actually watch "The Amazing Race", one of the few reality shows that seems to ask people to do other than connive against one another (though that does play a role.
Teams, starting out in Bangkok, must find their way to somewhere in China. Now I noticed in the past that the show makes stupid rules about this - some of the European travel could have been done a lot better by train than was prescribed to be done by plane.
I wondered who was left (missed last week)! The black dudettes, the shrimpy guys. This could be fun!
Great - mute guy and Mom are still in!
What happened to the slightly dysfunctional "Asian American" siblings? Still there - great!
And the NFL Cheerleaders are still in place. This is a meritocracy!
Everybody seems emotional about a tad of a confrontation between the black dudettes and the family with the mute guy. It seems ridiculous to me. Perfectly honest run for first access to the next instructions, in my view. Surely nobody chooses that horror!?
I love their road blocks! Cormorant fishing! I see cormorants on my morning walks - they are ugly and miserable. I would never want to cooperate with one of those birds.
These people seem happy using bad language. I will try not to.
OK it is a setup - not a real hunting test. And if I were a cormorant, I would catch that fish for one of those NFL Cheerleaders1
I must have missed something as others are working on hairstyling.
One of the cormorants bit Luke - good for that bird.
Looks as if the cheerleaders are doing well. (I am confused and did not see them pass the preceding test.)
The Asian siblings seem to get the hang of working with cormorants.
I am confused about where things stand.
Teams must now dance satisfactorily OR write nice Calligraphy. This is inanity at a new and high level.
My personal commitment is pretty well gone.
I MIGHT report on this.
This was fun. Even the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders found the choreography oppressive.
The standards for calligraphy were likely lower. How could one tell?
Dallas Cowboys girls are stil not satisfying their Chinese judge (I am impressed). nd at the same time the stunt guys seem to be figuring out their relationship with the cormorants.
Nobody can say this show is not riddled with tension.
Teams as they make it to the end.
Black dudettes - 1, missed who was second (those Asian siblings?!).
Mute guy and Mom third.
Major whining and bitching. Greatest reality show ever!
Where are the cheerleaders? They are thankfully not out.
We can be happily rid of the short stuntmen and we seen to be at last!
What a brutal episode.
Can I last even two more weeks?


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