Monday, April 27, 2009

Dancing with the Stars - April 27, 2009 - Live-Blog

So tonight we get each couple doing a dance, and then there is team dancing. I am not sure what the scoring plan is.
Oh no! Melissa is wounded. What is the scoring impact?
OK the team points count and get divided up and added to the individual scores.
Gilles and Cheryl go first. Gilles has required a cortisone shot in the left shoulder to continue. The physical pressures are quite something. Lively dance with one weird move where he reaches underneath Cheryl and somehow flips her over. Len liked their Lindy Hop. Bruno too, who enjoyed the comic elements a lot. Carrie Ann agrees. Score 9-9-9 to get 27. No better than last week.
Seems Lil' Kim and Derek are next. Will we get raunch as requested by Bruno last week? They do a paso doble. She is great at seeming like an annoyed horse (that is a compliment). Well I liked that dance, and I loved the slit skirt. She brought back spirit, and I would not even call it raunch. Bruno says she is back - indeed! I agree with the judges that she was very stylish as well as passionate. Len had expected a disaster and loved it. Scores 9-9-10 to get 28. It is Lil' Kim's first 9 from Len.
Now it's Chuck and Julianne. Chuck still cannot figure out what he did to get three 9's last week. This week they do a cha-cha and Julianne wants him to be flirty. He is sure trying with the hips. Carrie Ann liked the hips, but not his chin. Len is thrilled at where Chuck has got after his start, but does not like the stiff arms. Bruno agrees. Score 9-9-8 for 26. Chuck says, "It felt so good until we got to Bruno".
Shawn and Mark are next. Mark cannot convey what he wants as a feminine input so recruits his mother to explain it to Shawn. What impresses me is that with her body shape she still finds the lines really well. Len needed more. Bruno said it was a good samba. Carrie Ann liked it, appreciating solid technique and finding it also sexy. Scores 10-8-9 for 27.
I hope Melissa does not have swine flu. We'll know what the problem was soon. Hmm it's that rib again. X-Ray suggests it is a hairline fracture - she should not be thrown i nthe air. The judges will judge the last rehearsal. Bruno notes that the performance aspect is missing, and that is a real hit. Carrie Ann agrees, knowing that a rehearsal is a rehearsal. Len concurs. Score 7-7-7 for 21.
Next will be Ty and Chelsie. Good heavens! hey are spray-painting Ty! He says he is outside his comfort zone and I believe it. He is a bit stiff - she is carrying most of the movement. Carrie Ann loved it! Len is not happy - suggests Ty leave unless he excels in the group dance. Bruno says he liked watching it, and that Ty was using Chelsie as if she were a lasso. Score 9-7-8 for 24.
On to the teams - Gilles, Lil' Kim and Ty and respective partners form Team Tango, the rest Team Mambo. A substitute is dancing in place of Melissa on the latter team.
When Team Mambo perform it becomes clear how much better the professional dancers are than any of the celebrities (naturally enough). The dance is lively and scored 8-8-9.
Team Tango feature Lil' Kim in a nicely slit skirt again to start things off. Bruno loved it. Carrie Ann too. Len says Gilles' footwork was bad, but that Ty redeemed himself. Score 9-9-10.
It's impressive to see the improvements over the weeks as the celebrities keep working on their dancing. No doubt it helps that they are all pretty competitive and somewhat narcissistic.


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My new favourite is Shawn Johnson. I also like Lil' Kim.


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