Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Results - May 5, 2009

I missed the dances last night but am delighted to see Melissa nailed her dances - she is the initial reason I am watching this show, though it has now sold me on many other fronts.
OK we're engaged. The show decides to feature the worst performance I have ever seen of "I Get a Kick Out of You" by someone named Jaime Cullum. No doubt this is how one draws young audiences. The dancing was suitably impressive, though.
The "DanceCenter" feature was cute. ABC loves its cross promotion.
First couple to make it to next week - Gilles and Cheryl. Seems her hectoring coaching is still effective.
Now a dance to "Viva ls Vida". Well, I like the song. And it is nice to see the professional dancers at work. Though this dance baffled me.
Surely this is the week we eliminate Ty. Especially after Jewel's outburst last week, this seems to me the right outcome.
I am not into the competition of the pros for roles next year but can see how I might come to be. Afton seems quite fetching.
Second couple to be back next week - Melissa and Tony. Yay!
Lisa Rinna? ABC can recycle. Her breasts do not look quite real.
Maurice Greene? - he survived weeks with Cheryl, and Anna seems a lot nicer.
Third couple to be back next week - Shawn and Mark. Also yay!
Now - the final couple to come back next week - Ty and Chelsie? Huh? I am shocked.


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