Saturday, May 02, 2009

Little Boxes

Driving home to Toronto yesterday I managed to hear one of those ignorant CBC wanderings, praising the most disgusting Stalinist Pete Seeger (if you have some piece of your heart romanticizing this prick, do some research and learn what a monster he is) talking about the song 'Little Boxes'.
Now understand that the song was written by a somewhat odd bird, NOT by Pete Seeger, in Berkeley, California, named Malvina Reynolds, and anyone who lived there during her time knows the boxes are NOT suburban boxes, as the CBC host claimed, but the boxes in the Berkeley Hills. Damn - listen to the song!
And what stupid lyrics - damn - those awful conformists - they became doctors. What an awful outcome!
There is SO much the sixties have to answer for.
I am embarrassed at my enthusiasms back then.
UPDATE: More on Seeger and his distasteful history.


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