Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mom's Nude Photos

Count on P.J. O'Rourke to capture it, though I think I am a dissenter - I have never regarded car ownership as other than an unfortunately rational response to other constraints I picked in life, never actually wanting directly to own a car (OK maybe when I was 20! - but back then I just rented, rationally).
But as I see now Chrysler and GM heading for the toilet, it seems to me he has a very nice analysis of the emotional meaning of this all.
The economic meaning is just a matter of scheduling, and who winds up paying for the end of life of many of the workers.

America’s romantic foolishness with cars is finished, however, or nearly so. In the far boondocks a few good old boys haven’t got the memo and still tear up the back roads. Doubtless the Obama administration’s Department of Transportation is even now calculating a way to tap federal stimulus funds for mandatory OnStar installations to locate and subdue these reprobates.
Among certain youths—often first-generation Americans—there remains a vestigial fondness for Chevelle low-riders or Honda “tuners.” The pointy-headed busybodies have yet to enfold these youngsters in the iron-clad conformity of cultural diversity’s embrace. Soon the kids will be expressing their creative energy in a more constructive way, planting bok choy in community gardens and decorating homeless shelters with murals of Che.


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