Monday, June 15, 2009

Ignatieff Trembles on the Brink

This does not bode well.
After much ballyhoo about how Ignatieff would decide whether to bring the government down and announce his decision at 11 this morning, he announces ... nothing - he says he is unhappy with what the government has delivered but wants to give the Prime Minister a chance to make good on its deficiencies. He sets a deadline of ... well no, he seems not to set a deadline. (He does say he will do something by Friday if the government fails to do, err, something, not clear what.)
He prattles on about his stupid proposal for Employment Insurance at the same time prattling on about a deficit (which his proposal would increase) that he largely induced the government to create! And then he whines that Stephen Harper does not call him on the phone.
Maybe Harper does not respect him in the morning.
This man looked OK once; he looks terrible today. Indecisive, incoherent, and not very brave (which he actually once was).


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