Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Biggest Fear

For all today's drama in Iran, and make no mistake there was a lot, it does not seem as if the forces of the state simply placed machine gun emplacements and opened fire.
That seems to me the key question.
I hope it is that they know they need the commitment of the citizenry and mass slaughter of that form would take that away at the drop of a hat.
And this is not to say they did not make the mistake of allowing independent contractors too much space. The murder of the young girl that has been all over the internet is a classic error. (I am not reposting it - it is just too painful.) Nobody who watches either of the two videos I have seen can fail to be completely disgusted.
But that is not yet 1000s mowed down easily. They surely could have achieved that. And did not.
I deeply hope this means there is a civil society that could not tolerate that outcome.
I fear we may find out tomorrow, from the reports I have heard about the rooftop chanting tonight.


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