Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Wimbledon 2009

As Sampras takes his seat at Wimbledon, and Roddick comes out of the blocks firing on all cylinders (so does Federer but it's what Roddick can do that might make this a good match), I take note of my frustration with NBC's handling of its broadcast rights. It largely mirrors these two comments of EclectEcon.
As I was on a business trip the rather arbitrary decision not to show key matches live did not really affect me operationally. In the end I simply did not watch the matches. NBC must still think there is a large audience for non-live matches. Moreover, I did not understand why they were reluctant to show matches live and instead broadcast them at rather unusual times to my mind. But what do I know about broadcasting except as an individual watcher? In any case, the internet solves the problem of knowing what is going on. And in the end NBC does the right thing for the final singles matches.
All that said, I think I was right to look forward to Hewitt-Roddick; I saw the end of it, and it appears to have been the best of the matches in the last couple of rounds; and as I anticipated, they both behaved like the "old married men" they now are rather than the fiery youth I could not quite fully respect. It is unfortunate that the semi-final day (which I largely missed) was no match for the emotionally crushing semis at the French Open. Hmm, maybe given that I missed that day, it is good it was not like that!
Well, on to readying for the first set tiebreak in the men's final and paying more attention!

UPDATE: Oopps! First set to Roddick!



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