Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Third Garbage Bag

The strike is still on, and the news reports are that the union is throttling the admission of citizens to the garbage drop-off sites to create additional inconvenience (at one site they allow a car every quarter hour, leading to waits of several hours by some hapless innocent taxpayers). On one of my bike trips this week, I noticed a similar, if more modest, throttling at the site I normally use; in the car returning from shopping yesterday I managed a quick glance at another site and noticed no queue.
So I went there today - treatment was courteous and helpful, this from the union (not the city staff working at the site). I pulled up in the car, dropped this week's garbage off, and was out of there, all in a minute or so.
This lack of uniformity is fascinating; it does suggest that the outrageous behavior at some sites on the part of the union is an artifact of who is manning the picket line where. By the way, my understanding is that this flow control is illegal, but the city has done NOTHING about it, choosing to threaten legal injunction, but actually do nothing, and allow its taxpayers to be forced to suffer far more than is remotely justified.
(East Toronto readers - Ted Reeve arena is where I went today.)


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