Friday, August 07, 2009

The Girl Who Played With Fire

As part of a buy one get the next one cheaper at HEathrow on my way home last week I bought this Stieg Larsson noveL, and again let me say Wow!
A protagonist as contrary as one could ever imagine, and a VERY LARGE collection of background characters, all fleshed out to a degree unprecedented in my crime novel experience.
I am 70% through the book, cannot put it down, and look forward to Lisbeth Sander aging in even more interesting ways - after all, I have about 35 years lead on her, so she has a lot to offer me yet!
And yesterday, noticing that the guy next to me waiting for his car to be serviced was reading the same book, I was told it makes no sense to read this second book of the series without reading the first. I will hope that was not correct. I am having a great time and that seems evidence to me.
These Scandinavians and their crime novelists! I look back so fondly on Per Wahloo and Mai Sjowall.


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