Saturday, August 01, 2009

Honduras - The Right Path

It seems that the solution I have thought through this to be the right one is making some progress. This will get interesting. Can Zelaya accept this solution, which would certainly reduce his machismo factor big time (though that has to be pretty tiny now after his comic collaboration with CNN at the Honduran border last week).

It took meticulous behind-the-scenes diplomatic work to get this far, and the deal could still unravel. The Arias plan faces powerful enemies, both from conservatives within Honduras and from authoritarian leftists in the Venezuelan-led ALBA block. For now, however, the State Department can take pride in coming much closer to squaring the Honduran circle than seemed possible even 24 hours ago. The U.S. has positioned itself as the prime mover behind efforts to restore both the democratically elected leader and the liberal constitution he has tried to destroy. And if all goes according to plan, Clinton could be remembered for transforming a potentially damaging crisis in Honduras into a historic turning point in U.S.-Latin American relations.

Go Hillary!


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