Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's All Too Much For Me

A commenter on the previous post asks about my silence on the PGA Championship this weekend, so far utterly dominated, with occasional outbursts of comparability from some of the other players, by Tiger Woods. Now I am afraid the only hole I saw played on Saturday was the 18th, and earlier in the week much of my attention was caught up in the Rogers Cup tennis, where some very fine matches were played, with Tsonga defeating Federer on Friday, and Del Potro beating Roddick (thanks, Andy, for yet another great losing effort) last night. So even this afternoon's focus on the PGA will be compromised, as I have yet to see Murray this week, and must watch his final against Del Potro.
To add to all this, CBC is streaming live video feed (quite watchable, and the UK feed, so with better commentary than real CBC coverage would provide) of the IAAF World Athletics Championships.
When it's all back down just to golf again late today, I may summon up some words, especially if the unprecedented happens and Woods does not win.


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