Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Errr, He WAS a Warlord

The Brits have gone nuts.
A pair of Christian hoteliers who argued with a Muslim guest have been charged with a "religiously aggravated" public order offence. Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang run the Bounty House Hotel in Aintree, Liverpool. The incident took place in March when a guest came down to breakfast in a hijab. It is alleged Mr Vogelenzang said the prophet Muhammad was a warlord. He denies the claim. It is also claimed that Mrs Vogelenzang described the hijab as a form of bondage. The guest complained to police and the couple will appear before Liverpool magistrates on December 8.

If the hotelier has an opinion I don't like I can stay somewhere else. The good news, I hope, is that the Brits will likely recognize how dim-witted this is, and it will start helping all of our Western societies to build the spine up a bit. We'll see.
What a waste of time!


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