Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food - Is He Simply Wrong?

That is coming to be my view.
Canada's Food Network is running his Rotherham experiment again, and it is hardly encouraging. I do though find it awfully moving.
It causes me to wonder whether the fast food he is fighting against is so uneconomic.
Fairly recently retired, I have now returned to my kitchen, from a position that was well-established; as the eldest child, I learned a lot about cooking way back then, and as a student, undergrad and grad, had the curiosity to explore cooking in a lot of different styles. First SillyWife shared that enthusiasm and second one is also an excellent cook. So I have some skills.
But I wonder watching Oliver's show whether people who can barely recall how to assemble a pancake recipe are better off cooking on their own.
I still have an enormous problem NOT having raw materials go to waste and I have all the time in the world to plan and cook. Not so with Jamie Oliver's Rotherham students. It costs them a lot in time and money to get around. Moreover, I suspect they face significant costs getting raw materials assembled, likely far more than they face simply assembling the 'fast food' readily available in stores that are closer to home.
Has anybody sensible looked at this question? I see no evidence of such research.
I really want to know. My current view is that Jamie Oliver is just barking up the wrong tree. I would love to be wrong. I really admire the guy and his motives. But I fear his economics are goofed up.


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