Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That Obviously Doesn't Apply to the CBC

So saieth the Pope of the CRTC, the Mel Brooks character.
What a boring meeting of preening on both sides. The Commissioners know full well that their job is to protect Canadian capitalists in the broadcasting industry and they suck up perfectly. It is ironic that it is the testimony of the CBC, the ultimate socialist capitalist institution, that generates this repulsive behavior.
Skinny Basic is back. I know what I want as Skinny Basic - no Canadian stations at all!
I am pretty sure my CRTC will not allow this.
The morning has included a ton of discussion of CBC expenses, none of which has any relevance to the fee for carriage issue, unless you are already committed to the notion that broadcasters should be bailed out.
Generally it has been very boring. I am hoping that the artist and writer pigs at the trough will show up soon as that should be more fun.


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