Monday, November 16, 2009

Unbelievable - well, no, entirely Believable

Across many fronts.
Rogers are presenting their position to the CRTC, and the current commissioner cross-examining their position (that is what is happening) is Konrad von Finckenstein (no, I cannot invent this, and his accent fits the name perfectly - I feel at times that I am in a Mel Brooks movie).
But von Finckenstein asks the Rogers rep what harm that would do to Rogers, and the rep crazily says "This would hurt our customers". von Finckenstein responds that he had asked about harm it would to to Rogers as a corporation. Stunning!
Rogers actually arguing for its viewers, and the government representatives blatantly showing their indifference to that.
It does indeed seem it is an issue of how to carve up the cadaver of the consumers' required contribution (by the CRTC) to this pie, and not remotely what we consumers care about.
I may have go this wrong but I sure think not.
The thing that stuns me is Rogers actually standing up for its customers against this government commission. I am not surprised to find the government commission indifferent to the concerns of consumers.


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