Monday, January 11, 2010

Computer Woes

I have/had two laptops and had/have one desktop, and all of them started to get goofy inthe last month.
One laptop stopped booting. It was an old IBM Lenovo Thinkpad; a local repair company identified a bad RAMchip. It has been replaced and all is well.
The second was an HP Laptop I bought last fall. It had the genius for its hard drive to stop working barely over one month out of warranty. The problems were clearly the failure of a hard disk (but still, one year out of warranty??). So I ordered a new hard drive from and it seems to be working despite a couple of initial burps.
My last problem was a Gateway desktop also bought from that was always a bit flaky but in the end always basically worked. It was clearly time to upgrade so I responded to a ad for a new looking-prett-good HP System e9220f.
I loved it the first couple of days I had it. It was fast and the HD storage amazing.
In the last day the CD-RW drive has been behaving flakily. Tragic. I love burning DVDs.
Now TigerDirect is great as they have a review function so I figured I could record my problems. As it turns out - NO - it seems no to work.
Well, I guess I can shop elsewhere from now on, and at the moment, I suggest you do too! Guess I have to buy a new CD-RW. Crap - not too expensive but why do they not offer a simpler approach? I will certainly find somewhere else to buy the new DVD-RW and all future equipment! And suggest you do too. This is really sad from a long-time customer.


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